Westlake Foundation Programmes


The Westlake Foundation was first established in 1992 in commemoration of the school's 30th Anniversary. The purpose was to establish an endowment fund that would, over time, future-proof the school's academic, cultural, social, physical and spiritual well-being.

The endowment fund is still small in investment terms but the seed has been planted and the vision is clear. The Westlake Foundation is about enabling Old Boys to contribute to their school should they wish to. The 50th Jubilee represents the single biggest opportunity to build awareness of the Foundation amongst the Westlake community.

Leading into Jubilee Year, five specific Westlake Foundation Programmes have been established with the intention of enabling members of the community to contribute towards the continued enrichment of opportunities offered at Westlake.

Contributions to any of the following Westlake Foundation funds would be gratefully received. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Receipts will be issued by Westlake Boys Foundation.

Contributions can either be made online as part of the Jubilee registration process or if you would prefer to discuss a donation or receive information on other ways in which you could contribute to Westlake  please contact Vicki Fowler at  vfowler@westlake.school.nz 


Student Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the Westlake Student Scholarship Fund is to provide support to students who may not otherwise be able to maximise their potential. Students who receive these annual scholarships will possess proven talent and commitment in either  academia, sport, music, art or leadership.



Staff Scholarship Fund

The calibre of the Westlake Boys' staff is second to none. Gifts to this fund provide professional development opportunities for our committed and enthusiastic teaching and non-teaching staff. Westlake Foundation has run a Staff Awards Programme for several years. The programme is popular with staff and each year enables five staff to pursue specific research projects and/or travel or courses of study which benefit the award recipients and Westlake.

Building and Infrastructure Capital Fund

All funds raised in the Building and Infrastructure Fund will support specific campus development projects as outlined in the school's Strategic Plan. The current major building project priority is the development of a new gymnasium facility.

Westlake Sports Development Fund

Westlake Boys consistently achieves as one of the top three sporting schools in New Zealand. The Westlake Sports Institute offers our talented sportsmen the opportunity to develop their talent through their junior schooling years. The Westlake Sports Fund will enable Westlake Boys High School to continue to develop its sporting programmes and facilities and offer Westlake sportsmen every opportunity to excel at national and international level.

Westlake Arts and Music Fund

Westlake Boys boasts an incredibly talented pool of artists, musicians and performers. A number of our cultural involvements are carried out alongside our sister school, Westlake Girls High School. The combined Westlake Schools choirs and bands consistently achieve Platinum and Gold medal status at the KBB National Secondary competition.

The Westlake Arts and Music Fund will enable Westlake Boys High School to continue to develop its cultural programmes and facilities and offer our accomplished musicians, artists and performers the opportunities they deserve in order to realise their potential and their dreams.