Westlake Boys Jubilee Committee (from L to R); David Ferguson (Headmaster), Sam Jessup, Marjolein de Graaf (at rear), Christine O'Dowd, Vicki Fowler, John Russell, John McFetridge (front),          Tony Buckingham, Rick Stevens, Joe Cachopa (front), Max Stroomer (at rear), David Jessup, Anthony Ford (Chairman), Lou Borok


The following people have generously committed their time and expertise to the planning of Westlake's 50th Jubilee. They are committed to ensuring that you have a very memorable time back at school this August and that you're given several opportunities to reconnect with your school mates and share a tall tale or ten over a couple of fine ales. We hope too, that once the Jubilee is over you'll be keen to stay connected to Westlake and your fellow Westlakers.

The Jubilee Steering Committee has been meeting since mid-2010 planning what will arguably be the largest event in the school’s history. Thanks to the following people for their enormous efforts and dedication:

Anthony Ford - Chairman (Westlaker 1981-85)                              

Lou Borok (Longstanding staff member)                                     

Paul Brown (Board of Trustees Chair 2000-2006)                        

John McFetridge (Westlaker 1969-1973)

Tony Buckingham (Westlaker 1963-1966)                                         

Joe Cachopa (Deputy Headmaster)                                                 

David Ferguson (Headmaster)

Vicki Fowler (WBHS Community Relations Manager)     

David Jessup (Westlaker 1980 -1984)      

Sam Jessup (2011 Prefect)        

Christine O’Dowd (School parent 2007-2011)

John Russell (Foundation Board member, ex Board Chair & Old Boy 1961-65 )

Richard Stevens (Westlaker 1971-1976)

Max Stroomer (2012 Prefect)

If you're interesting in supporting the Jubilee activites or Westlake Boys High School in any way please contact Westlake Jubilee Event Director, Vicki Fowler on vfowler@westlake.school.nz or +64 9 410 1814